Top Skincare Myths you must NOT believe!

Skincare Myths You Must Not Believe

You love your skin and pamper it too, but you maybe actually harming your skin more than anyone else. Our top skincare experts at Pestle & Mortar bust the most common skincare and ageing myths for you – so that you know your angels from your demons!

You don’t need sunscreen in the shade!

So you walk on the shady side of pavement, always carry an umbrella, even scram for that shady spot in the park – and you think you’ve shunned the sun and its harmful UV rays! Think again, sweetie. Even if you avoid direct sunlight, the sun’s harmful UV rays still have a cumulative impact on your skin. And spots, ageing and wrinkles all follow suit.

Pestle Mortar Skin Tip – Wear your sunscreen always – whether you’re in the sun, shade, beach, house; summer or winter!

Everyone ages the same!

Yes, you’re 30 now and so are your friends and when you’ll be 40, they’ll be 40 too. But that doesn’t mean you’ll all look 40! It’s a fact, some people age faster while some look young forever. Both genes and skin type matter. Oily skin definitely ages slowly as all the natural oils keep the skin hydrated and moist while dry skin starts showing those lines faster.

Pestle Mortar Skin Tip – While you can’t change your genes or skin type, you can definitely keep your skin better hydrated. Add hyaluronic acid to your daily skincare routine and help your skin absorb and retain maximum moisture – the only way to keep those wrinkles away!

Food doesn’t really matter!

You couldn’t be further from the truth! What you eat decides how you look – find out the Top 5 foods for Yummy looking skin and the Worst foods for your skin. A candy here or some coffee there might not hurt you, but a daily diet of skin nasties can leave you looking dull, pale and older.

Pestle Mortar Skin Tip – When you talk about skincare, don’t just do it lip service; change your diet and see the difference it makes. Add those berries, yogurt, tea, nuts and water to your palate today!

Facial expressions lead to wrinkles!

Well, yes and no! While your expressions (repeated over decades) do define those laugh lines and crow’s feet – it doesn’t mean you need to stop smiling or crying! In fact, sleeping on your side has the same folding impact on your facial skin. The truth is, your skin stops producing the same amount of elastic tissue with time as its hydration levels start going down.

Pestle Mortar Skin Tip – If you’re scared of folding your skin, sleep on your back. If you want to plump up your dry dehydrated skin, keep it moist and supple with its daily dose of Hyaluronic Serum.

You have oily skin so you Don’t need to moisturise!

Everyone needs to moisturize – some less, others more! Oily skin needs more regular cleansing and light moisturizing. Never make the mistake of not hydrating your skin – it needs its moisture like you need this smartphone of yours!

Pestle Mortar Skin Tip – For oily skin, always use hydrating products that simply seep in, rather than sticking on the surface and attracting all the city grime.

Daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing is ‘The Trick’

Since ages, beauty advisors have sworn by the daily skincare routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing every day. In reality, no formula fits all. Sensitive skin can’t tolerate too much cleansing and exfoliation while oily skin can’t take too much moisturizing.

Pestle Mortar Skin Tip – Decide your beauty regimen depending on what works for your skin. Once it suits you, stick to it. But remember, skin changes over time, so be ready to adapt your skincare routine every time it asks for change!

We hope we’ve cleared the air around the most popular skincare myths today. Take care and look lovely – Ciao!

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