Worst Foods for your Skin – The Bottom 5!

Foods for better skin

You’ve read what to eat for good skin. Now here’s what not to eat!

After all, what you eat impacts not only your health and figure but also your skin. GIGO or ‘Garbage in-garbage out’ becomes the golden rule when we’re talking about our body. So, a bad diet means dull, lifeless, problematic skin.

Here’s our list of 5 Worst foods for your skin – Stay away and stay beautiful.

Chips and other Fried Foods

If you’re one who lives on chips and other deep fried foods, we’re sure you’re also one of those complaining of frequent skin breakouts, oiliness and dullness. Not only do they pack in refined carbs that increase puffiness and damage collagen, but over time you’ll notice faster ageing signs like fine lines and wrinkles.

Our Take – Stop now and replace with healthier snack options and see your skin regain its life.

Sugary Candy

Worst-Foods-for-your-Skin-the-Bottom-5That sugar laden colourful candy does taste good, but that’s about it! Here’s the bad part – the pure processed sugar damages collagen and elastin that keep your skin soft, smooth and young. More candy also means more acne and breakouts, even in adults. Even more sugar and your skin becomes dull and develops wrinkles faster!

Our Take – Stop that daily dose of candies and get rid of your secret candy stash. If you must; feed your sugar rush with fresh fruits and juices!

Alcohol & Caffeine

Pestle-&-Mortar-Worst-Foods-for-your-Skin-The-Bottom-5Both alcohol and caffeine laden coffee are drinks that dehydrate your body and skin. Result is less water for your skin. And less water means dull, dry skin and more wrinkles.

Our Take – Go decaf on your coffee.  Restrict alcohol to special occasions or switch to healthier options like red wine!

White Breads and Cake

Yes, we know you love your cake, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too! White breads and cake are high on glucose and instantly pump up insulin levels. Meaning more acne, puffiness and dull looking skin.

Our Take – That whole grain bread is a better option for both body and skin!

Fast Food


Greasy fast food like burgers-oozing-cheese are acne’s best friends! So if you like clear glowing skin, stay away from those fast food chains. You’ll do both your waistline and your skin much good.

Our Take – Just put a brake on those fast food drive-throughs.

Whenever you do eat any of these bad foods, drink gallons of water to help your body wash out the toxins and feel hydrated again. Stop feeling guilty. Splash on some hyaluronic serum and reverse the damage to your skin too.

At Pestle & Mortar our motto is eating, drinking and staying naturally healthy. Because healthy inside – makes beautiful outside. So improve your diet and watch your skin regain its joie de vivre!

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